We’ll help prepare your child to achieve their future goals

MVP Transition Consulting, LLC provides individualized assessment, planning, and instruction in vocational, independent living, and self-determination skills to students with disabilities so they can make a successful transition to becoming productive members of their community.

How We Can Help

At MVP Transition Consulting, here are just some of the ways we assist students with disabilities and their families. We provide families with concrete steps to applying for adult living services in their local area, including but not limited to:

  • SSI benefits
  • Guardianship
  • Financial Planning (i.e., setting up an ABLE account)
  • Conduct vocational and independent living assessments to determine your child’s strengths, interests, and needs.
  • Develop a personal plan of action that will target skills necessary for competitive employment and independent living.

Our Services

Vocational Assessments

Transition Planning


Virtual Consultations


We work with students to develop skills and clear goals that will allow them to connect with their community in a meaningful way.

  • Develop an action plan with clearly defined future goals

  • Training in independent living, employment readiness, and self-determination skills

  • Determine their strengths, preferences & interests in the workforce

  • Provide guidance in navigating adult services and resources in your local community

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