How We Can Help

Dr. Vierno will help prepare your child to achieve their future goals by providing the following services:


Individuals will be assessed to determine their vocational strengths, preferences and interests, as well as determine their current level of independent living and self-determination to see which future goals are needed as part of an individualized transition plan.

Dr. Vierno will utilize a combination of formal assessments (those with reliability and validity studies) and informal assessments (information gathered from interviews, ratings scales and checklists). The results will provide a complete picture of the individual’s strengths and needs to create a highly individualized transition plan.

Transition Planning

A comprehensive transition plan will be developed that will outline your child’s future goals. The plan will be individually tailored to their needs, along with activities to work on now that will help your child reach these goals.

The first step in a transition plan is to help your child develop post-school goals in areas of:

  • Education/Training

  • Employment

  • Independent Living

These post-school goals will be supported by activities in the areas of:

  • Instruction

  • Community Experiences

  • Employment and Adult Living Objectives Related Services

  • Daily Living Skills (if appropriate)

  • Functional Vocational Evaluation (if appropriate)

  • Linkages to Adult Services


One-to-one instruction in skills will be taught using evidence-based practices that research has shown increase the likelihood your child will have successful outcomes as adults.

Self Advocacy/Self Determination Training

  • Identifying Goals and the Steps to Achieve Them

  • Making Choices/Decisions

  • Participating at IEP Meetings

Independent Living Skills Training

  • Counting Money

  • Purchasing Skills

  • Banking Skills

  • Grocery Shopping Skills

  • Self-care Skills

Employment Readiness Training

  • Completing Job Applications

  • Preparing for Job Interviews 

  • Demonstrating Appropriate Workplace Behavior

Virtual Consultations

Dr. Vierno will meet with you through a virtual platform such as Zoom or Skype to provide the guidance you need regarding your son or daughter’s transition to adulthood. Email Dr. Vierno at to set up an appointment for a virtual meeting and send him your questions at least a day in advance of the meeting. Dr. Vierno will work with you on a plan tailored to the individual needs of your son or daughter to include the skills and resources necessary for a successful transition.

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