From my experiences working with many wonderful families who are extremely supportive of their son or daughter with a disability, a common theme has emerged when asked about what will happen after high school:

  • “The amount of information I need to know is so overwhelming, I don’t even know where to start.”
  • “I don’t have time to make all the phone calls, attend meetings, and fill out paperwork”
  • “I’ll deal with all of the adult services issues when it gets closer to leaving school – it’s still several years away.”

These are all very understandable reactions. It is easy to delay making decisions that are years away from having an impact daily. As I discussed in my recent interview on “The Autism Helper” Podcast, parents need to start considering adult living decisions for their child as early as possible. This will lead to more peace of mind when graduation day arrives. We all can agree that day sneaks up much sooner than we anticipate! The fact is that now is the time to start thinking about some key questions:

  • What type of guardianship do I want in place when my child turns 18?
  • Do I need to apply for SSI benefits?
  • What type of financial planning do I need to put in place?

There are no easy answers and the solutions will not take place overnight. Parents who start having these conversations as early as possible are more likely to have a secure plan in place when their child turns 18. This is where MVP Transition Consulting can help you to navigate this journey. We can provide detailed information on adult services. We can also refer you to the individuals in your local area you need to meet with to make your plan a reality.